Allogenic Stem Cells Transplant

Treating Cancer with Allogenic Stem Cells Transplant

Euromedic Healthcare offers high quality options for the treatment of cancer, one of them being Stem Cell transplants.

Allogenic Stem Cells TransplantAbout Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant:

Stem cells that are employed for transplants are usually sourced from bone marrow, blood or from the umbilical cord of newborns. They can be an effective treatment for people having certain types of cancers such as high risk leukemias, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, thalassemia and neuroblastoma. An allogenic stem cell transplant replaces damaged or destroyed bone marrow stem cells with healthy ones from another human donor. The stem cells used in the treatment of cancer are called hematopoietic stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to divide and form new and specialized blood cells and can give birth to oxygen-carrying red blood cells, infection fighting white blood cells and clot-forming platelets.

Stem cell transplants are usually considered as a treatment option in patients having cancer because of the detrimental effects chemotherapy has on one’s health. Chemotherapy and radiation can effectively kill cancer cells however; they can destroy the very bone marrow where blood cells are made. Euromedic Healthcare’s team of expert physicians and cancer specialists are at the cutting edge of patient care, providing a lifeline to its patients by providing a permanent cure for cancer without affecting the overall health of the patient. These stem cell transplant services are provided at our specially selected, hi-tech medical centres all over Europe.

How is the treatment procedure carried out?

In the most common type of allogenic stem cell transplant, the stem cells come from a donor whose tissue type closely matches that of the patient’s. The best donor is a close family member, usually a brother or sister. A donor can be an unrelated person as well. With great precaution, the stem cells are transferred to the recipient patient who will receive a new lease on life with this therapy. The blood taken from the placenta and umbilical cord of newborns too is an important source of stem cells for allogenic stem cells. Before the transplant, the patient usually receives chemotherapy or radiation therapy and/or both. This kills at least some of the cancer cells and increases the chances of the transplant being successful. After the chemotherapy or radiation therapy is complete, the donor’s healthy stem cells are transplanted into the patient’s blood stream just like a blood transfusion. The cells are usually given introduced through a vein. The advantage of an allogenic stem cell transplant is that the donor stem cells make their own immune cells, which can help destroy any cancer cells that remain even after high-dose chemotherapy treatment.

How does it help?

Patients undergoing allogenic stem cell transplants for various cancers have a high five-year survival rate. An allogenic stem cell transplant may completely or partially cure your illness. If the transplant is a success, one can go back to most of their normal activities as soon as they feel up to it. Usually this complete recovery takes up to a year.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Stem cell transplants can be a life-saver indeed. However, it is not the right treatment option for everyone. The younger population generally does better with this treatment but many above 50 too are enjoying its benefits. People with blood cancer are the ones who benefit the most from an allogenic stem cell transplant. Experts at our medical centres across all of Europe recommend this method of treatment to those suffering from cancer.

One can avail of state-of-the-art facilities at Euromedic Healthcare for the treatment of various kinds of cancers with stem cell transplant. We are equipped with modern diagnostic tools which aid in early detection and thus help achieve cure for cancer and bring back a happy life.

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