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The largest network of hospitals in Germany ... more than 20 Medical Center! Euro Medic ... to smile again

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Aesthetic Surgery with the most skilled doctors Germany

Discover the beauty of effective capacity of cells ... stem cells will increase you elegance and youthful

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We invest all our best and expertise for the development of Pediatrics ...

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Discovered the enormous potential of stem cell therapy

Distinguished medicine renewed ... the future starts here!

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Infertility treatment success rate of high long experience of modern techniques ... medical skill ...

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Committed to Your Comfort, with a Passion for Excellence

The Euro-Medic company “Medical Travel Guide” was founded in 2007; in Dusseldorf, Germany. Our company considers as a link between the patient and the hospital; the company deals with three medical areas, the medical treatment of various diseases, cosmetic surgeries and dental treatments.

At the beginning of 2010, people’s desire to search for the best hospitals worldwide has increased which encouraged us to the build local offices of our company in Nazareth (north of Israel) and Tira (nearly to Tel-Aviv) and another local office in Varna, Bulgaria.
Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists in the fields of medicine, law, economy and tourism. The majority of our staff and our company’s agents are multilingual; you will find those who speak Arabic, Hebrew, German, English, Russian and Italian. After a precise studies and consideration by experts we ended by signing cooperative agreements between us and the best European recently-technically updated hospitals and clinics in Germany, Turkey, Israel and Bulgaria. Additionally, we work and cooperate with Palestinian hospitals and doctors who studied abroad and were trained by the best doctors in U.S.A and Europe.

Our qualified team starves to give the patient the best services through facilitating procedures, providing quick medical reports; the special relations that bind us with different medical centers help us providing the patients better services. Our company assures strict confidentiality as well as simplicity in dealing with patients as provided in the German law.

We strive to provide all the comforts for our patients and medical tourists concerning all fields of services, whether for recovery, dental implants or plastic surgeries of all kinds. In addition, we organize entertaining trips for the patient and his companions in order to make sure that the patient leaves full of positive energy and vitality.

We wish you the very best.

Euro-Medic Staff.