Euromedic healthcare provides you permanent life-altering solutions for one of the most common medical emergencies i.e. stroke. A stroke is a life threatening medical condition where without prompt treatment a paralysis is imminent. It occurs when the blood supply to a part of your brain is interrupted or completely cut off due to various reasons, thereby depriving the brain tissue of vital oxygen and nutrients. This leads to death of brain tissue within just a few minutes.

Stroke TreatmentCommon symptoms of stroke

  • Trouble while walking, patient may stumble, loose balance, experience giddiness and loose coordination.
  • Trouble while speaking, slurred speech, confusion, difficulty in understanding spoken words.
  • Sudden weakness of face, arm or legs, or one entire side of the body.
  • Trouble seeing, vision may be double, blurred or blackened.
  • Headache, which is severe and sudden, accompanied by vomiting, altered consciousness and dizziness.

When one sees or experiences any of the above signs and symptoms, one must seek prompt medical advice and treatment. The aim of Euromedic Healthcare is to prevent unwanted outcomes and improve the quality of life of the patient by providing immediate, high quality medical care in such emergency conditions.

Causes of stroke

A stroke is the result of reduced blood supply to the brain which causes it to die eventually. It may be caused due to a blocked artery in the brain which is called as an Ischemic stroke wherein the arteries become narrow or blocked due to formation of fat deposits or other conditions. This comprises of 85% of strokes. The remaining strokes are due to a haemorrhage or leak from the blood vessels due to high blood pressure or abnormal shape and formation of the vessels. This is termed as a Hemorrhagic stroke. There is another entity called as a transient ischemic attack or TIA which is also referred to as a mini stroke. It has symptoms similar to a stroke but last for less than 24 hours and resolve spontaneously. Seeking emergency care if any of these symptoms appear is necessary and Euromedic Healthcare delivers the latest in medical treatment developed by researchers from all over the globe to you.

Treating stroke – the sooner, the better.

Treatment of stroke depends on whether it’s an ischemic stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke. The goal is to restore the blood supply to the brain using clot busting drugs if there is a blood clot chocking an artery. There are other more advanced medical procedures which are available and can be performed as soon as possible depending on the type of clot. Emergency treatment of hemorrhagic stroke focuses on controlling the bleeding and reducing pressure in the brain. A surgery may be needed to repair the blood vessel abnormality to help prevent another leak.

Post-emergency management, stroke care focuses on helping patients to regain the lost function of the part. Stroke survivors receive intensive treatment in a rehabilitation program to rebuild lost muscle strength and use. Your doctor will recommend you the therapy program which is suitable for you depending on your age, overall health and the degree of disability that has occurred from stroke. He will take into account your lifestyle while setting up the rehabilitation program. Specially trained physicians provide excellent rehabilitation programs at our various hospitals customized to the needs of the individual.

Stroke is a life changing event and it may affect you more than just physically. Euromedic Healthcare takes special care of the fact that not a second is wasted in the treatment of stroke patients as the sooner the treatment the greater are the chances of survival of the patient. Thus, not just saving a life but preventing the patient from suffering from the after effects of a stroke.

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