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Adult stem cells for stem cell therapy

As the name suggests, adult stem cells are undifferentiated parent cells in our body which have the potential to grow and proliferate into new specialized cells when need arises. Stem cells are of two types, namely- embryonic and adult. These stem cells are extremely potent when stimulated, and they can be used for treatment in multiple conditions.

Adult Stem Cells

What makes adults stem cells useful?

An adult stem cell has the potential to multiply and regrow tissues within the body. Adult stem cells can differentiate and multiply. Thus, they are used in various end stage diseases like diabetes, parkinsonism, ischemic heart disease etc. In diabetes, they will help in formation of the islet cells of pancreas which are being destroyed leading to shortage of insulin in the body. Using stem cell transplant therapy there will be formation of adequate insulin once again. Expert diabetologists at Euromedic Healthcare monitor this procedure very closely.

Where are stem cells procured from?

Adult stem cells are few in number and found in the skin, bone marrow, brain, blood vessels, liver, skeletal muscles commonly. They are procured from the patient himself by highly skilled haematologists at our state of the art Germany based centres.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

The differentiation of the parent stem cells into specialized tissues is triggered by the body only when there is destruction or damage to any tissue of the body.
Adult stem cells are taken up from the patient’s own tissues and hence there is never a question of compatibility and tissue rejection. This problem is often faced in embryonal stem cell tratments. Though adult stem cell transplants are rare, they are performed at Euromedic Healthcare using the latest in transplant technology and skilled medical personnel and nursing staff.

Challenges of using adult stem cells for therapy

Adult stem cells are not naïve like embryonal stem cells; thus, their power to potentially grow is limited. Additionally, they are found in far fewer numbers such that their isolation is the biggest problem faced by medical professionals. The ethical issues are few, but practical difficulties encountered in the process are much more. Adult stem cells get easily affected by environmental changes and tend to have errors in multiplication.
Though this is the biggest innovation of the century, people are still waiting for better results to go ahead with stem cell transplants. Euromedic Healthcare offers the best treatment for medical diseases by providing adult stem cell transplant for patients flocking to Germany for top notch healthcare at affordable rates.
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