Stem Cells for Anti-Aging

Stem cells for anti-aging

At Euromedic Healthcare we understand that your body is a vital part of who you are. We recognise your wish to remain young and untouched by age. Our pioneering stem cell therapies help defy age and keep your skin glowing like in your days of youth. Often, with time, skin begins to lose its lustre, begins to sag with age and there is a constant feeling of tiredness all day. Stem cells can help reverse all this, safely, naturally.

Stem cells for anti-agingPath breaking stem cell therapies that employ fetal stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells have now been employed to rejuvenate aging body parts. This is termed as regenerative medicine and has applications for every medical field from orthopaedics to dermatology to cardiology. The stem cells can be guided to produce younger daughter cells that can grow on to become cells of just about any organ that needs to be rejuvenated. The aging organ can be literally re-grown in a petri dish and transplanted into the patient. Stem cells can be used to improve and potentially reverse the common conditions caused by aging like high blood pressure, higher heart rate, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, high cholesterol, etc.  Stem cell therapy rapidly leads to lowered blood pressure, greater blood sugar management, lowered cholesterol levels, better immunity to fight off infections, etc. There is an overall improvement in the general health and reduction in level of tiredness, weakness. Arthritis pain reduces significantly as well. Skin starts glowing, has more firmness and you feel younger in every aspect.Often the stem cell therapy allows patients to battle serious conditions like cancer and gives them a whole new lease on life. Using stem cells, skilled surgeons at Euromedic Healthcare are helping patients get back to a more independent and younger life. Stem cells are the original cells that divide and produce the specialized cells of the entire body. They give us the youth and they themselves never age. These ageless cells are the key to anti-aging processes. Specially trained doctors deliver these stem cells into your body to initiate a process that reverses the clock in your body. The old, aged cells of the body start being replaced by newer, younger cells produced courtesy stem cells. As the cytokines, or cell messengers released by these new cells communicate with the other old cells, the overall functioning of the organ improves dramatically leading to astounding outcomes. These stem cells are helping not improve the quality of life but also the years. As symptoms of aging like pains, poor memory start improving, patients become more self-reliant and free to enjoy their life again. The need for medications reduces and so do their accompanying side-effects. The body regains the capability to fend for itself. The reprogrammed cells are similar to those of a baby’s and make one feel as young too!  The Euromedic network of healthcare providers brings this new age medicine to you to help breathe fresh air into your skin and your lives. Say hello to a newer, younger you!

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