Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of skin cellsand is a growing cause of concern in Europe.Euromedic Healthcare provides you the latest therapiesavailable for this lethal condition.There are three major types of skin cancers–the squamous cell carcinoma, the basal cell carcinoma and the melanoma.

skin cancer treatmentAbout skin cancer

Skin cancer can develop on skin anywhere on the body, especially on the sun exposedparts like arms, legs, face, neck, and scalp.It can also occur on areas that are rarely exposed to sunlight like your palms, beneath the fingernails, beneath the toenails, and the genital area. People with any skin tone can be affected, blonde or dark. Skin cancer is caused due to damage to the DNA of skin cells due to exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) rays found in sunlight and tanning beds. Exposure to toxic substances like arsenic and a poor immune response due to diseases like HIV also puts one at risk of developing skin cancer. People with fair skin, history of sunburn, excessive exposure to mid day sun, living in sunny or high altitudes, having moles with abnormal look and many in number, exposure to radiation and family or past history of skin cancer are at an increased risk of developing Skin Cancer. Specially trained experts at the centres of Euromedic Healthcare go the extra mile to make you aware of the facts of skin cancer, so that you can prevent them, protect against them and in case you notice any changes in your skin colour,you can come to our medical centres for further evaluation.

Treating Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is diagnosed by the dermatologist by examining your skin and taking a small portion of suspicious looking skin (biopsy) for laboratory testing. Treatment includes excision surgery where a wide portion of normal skin is removed along with cancerous cells followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  However, it’s the MOHS surgery that is preferred by patients as it is a procedure done easily in the outpatient department. It is usually done for larger and recurring skin cancers.

About MOHS Surgery

MOHS micrographic surgery is done on outpatient basis using a local anaesthesia. The goal of this surgery is to remove the cancerous cells taking care to preserve healthy tissue.It is especially useful for the skin cancer that has recurred or those with high chances of recurrence.

Before starting the procedure certain medicines like blood thinners and supplements like vitamin E, ginger are stopped as they increase the chances of bleeding. The advantage of this procedure is that you know right away that all the cancer cells are removed as you don’t leave the medical centre without confirming your results.The goal of this quick and safe surgery is to maintain as much healthy skin as possible. After the procedure the patient is asked to follow up with our team at Euromedic Healthcare to monitor recovery and to make sure your skin is healing properly. Our skilled and highly experienced dermatologists take every precaution not to damage healthy skin tissue and ensure complete removal of deadly skin cancers.

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