Physical therapy and rehabilitation in Germany

The physical therapy and rehabilitation is the art and science contribute to the development of health and prevention of disease by understanding the movement of the body, and is working to correct and mitigate the effects of illness and injury.

Plastic Surgery

The patient is in need of rehabilitation to return to the lifestyle of the patient’s pre-illness, and give him the means to restore to him his health, which was reduced during his illness.

Need the patient to physical therapy.

Increasing the need for physical therapy in various areas of health steadily, and these factors can be classified under the following items:

  • rapid advances in medical knowledge in the application of physical therapy in the prevention and treatment of cases increased and diversified.
  • increase knowledge of the problems of chronic diseases and disabilities, physical and mental, which resulted in a rapid extension of health care programs shall include rehabilitation for all age groups.
  • the development of physical therapy programs at the local level and at the international departments of health as a result of updated health care systems worldwide.
  • increasing know-how and understanding of the chronic patient care requires specialized and specific ways that take into account aspects of psychological, social, educational and professional of the medical condition.
  • increasing needs of the educational programs, demand for advisory services and education for specialist treatment.

And contributes to physiotherapists in the network centers and hospitals collaborating with the Center for Euro Medic Medical through their professional activities in the prevention and calendar disability and disability severe in public health, as the lead physiotherapists we have duties include planning, organizing, evaluating, clarify, coordinate and implement programs of physiotherapy help ensure that the patient because the lifestyle that has always wanted.

Rehabilitation in Germany

Rehabilitation is a comprehensive method of treatment involved in their implementation experts with high efficiency and expertise in various fields of medicine. They help the process of rehabilitation in Germany offered by the euro Medic Medical Center to improve the quality of life of the patient and the patient’s re-accelerate the process of natural lifestyle to which they were deprived for periods after undergoing treatment for the disease, which may be extended for many years. Better to start rehabilitation on the diagnosis of the disease. Where experts have organized a separate program for each patient, according to the end stage of the disease and its kind and the general situation of the patient and the presence of other diseases accompany with this patient or not, and other factors.

The goals of rehabilitation in Germany

  • improve the quality of life of the patient and a quick return to the community.
  • remove and reduce the impact of the negative consequences of treatment.
  • strengthen the immune system and physical health of the patient.
  • psychological rehabilitation.
  • comfort and convenience of the patient in the medical center for rehabilitation.

The process of rehabilitation in euros Medic Medical Center in Olmanyabasthaddam latest techniques and mechanisms used in this area. And can be considered as treatment methods Alvezaaúaahaddy the most important factors for the success of the rehabilitation period, not to mention other factors that offer by a whole team of experts in their respective fields.Do not lose sight of rehabilitation specialists in the euro Medic Medical Center for psychological rehabilitation of the patient, and so to learn how to control the pressure and pain episodes, and get pleasure from life in spite of everything.Are all stages of the process of physical therapy and rehabilitation are fully under the control of the physician, where the patient undergoes diagnostic tests modern control level, to ensure that is the period of physical therapy and rehabilitation smoothly, and be patient lifestyle, which robbed him of the disease, and thus improve the quality of life of the patient, the promise of the euro Medic Medical Center in Germany on himself, and certainly Novak.

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