Medical Tourism

Medical tourism and treatment

Looking millions of patients around the world of what can live their pain or to give them the hope of healing, even if you ask them to travel to areas far from their country, and even for Garathm under the title «Medical tourism». In this context, the travel agencies and tourism, official and private authorities in many countries of the world to attract patients and their families, such as Turkey, Germany, Jordan, Bulgaria, and others, with the aim of revitalizing the tourism sector Bugeaha medical therapeutic and recreational.

Medical Tourism

And not the concept of «medical tourism» novelty, despite the large number of trading today because of the increasing diseases caused by environmental pollution, but back this term to thousands of years, where I knew the Greek civilization when it meant a lot of people from all over the Mediterranean region Saronic Little Bay Epidauria Greek, which was the only resort Healing named after the bales of healing «Asklepios», also known ancient civilizations also bathrooms and recreation centers, which vary, of course, in terms of style for the form in which we know it today, and it was between these civilizations civilization English, where it formed England in the eighteenth century and a destination for those seeking treatment in mineral water healing disease gout, liver disorders, bronchitis, and other diseases.

With technological advancements and medical and ease of movement between countries and ease the procedures, and the high purchasing power of the individual, and the rising costs of health care, has become the medical tourism obsession a lot of laborers at work throughout the year, savers money to go annual leave strong recreation and to get rid of the pressures of work accumulated, and the hassles of daily life .

According to recent studies that medical tourism is no longer limited to the number of countries that embrace the natural wealth of climate bewitching or salt water or metal or dust, volcanic, but is available everywhere in the world, whether in Europe or the United Kingdom, or the Middle East , Japan, and the United States. The estimated number of medical tourists to the Americans in 2008 at two million and a half million. As is the Russians and the Arabs from more people in search of a privileged treatment in European countries, especially after the events of September 2001.

On the basis of what could contribute to medical tourism from the huge revenues to the state, and the competing nations about the day to provide the best services based on convenience and speed to meet the need of the patient, and treatment of emergency medical problems without a waiting period, as is usual in medicine.

One of the issues contested between states to attract patients for this type of tourism, the issue of health insurance, which detects the patient it does not cover the type of disease a patient, not to mention the price level that drives many to choose a country other than their home country for surgery and stay in recuperate health, Although it is not equal to the amount they pay in their home country, Fastbdul heart valve in the United States costs 200 thousand U.S. dollars in exchange for 10 thousand dollars in India, and this includes the price the cost of travel back and forth and round in remote areas with pure nature in addition to the cost of the hotel, and also up the cost of installing «dental bridge» in America, about 6,000 U.S. dollars, while the cost does not exceed $ 2000 in Bulgaria or Palestine. Cassidy and cosmetic surgery can go to Turkey, which is the current queen of Europe in this area and in particular it is seeking to enter the European Union.

It is the leading Arab countries in the field of medical tourism, Jordan, which exceeded its revenue from this sector billion dollars in 2007. Jordan has occupied the first rank in the area of ​​medical tourism, and the fifth through the world as a center for medical tourism in a study by the World Bank.

The most important reasons for medical tourism

  • the high level of European hospitals, especially as they are using the latest medical devices
  • European governments, especially in Germany, obliges doctors cycles ongoing rehabilitation
  • get an appointment fast compared to treatment with the patient’s country
  • preferential treatment to private patients are considered tourists
  • the cost of cosmetic surgery and dental treatment in Turkey may be up to half the cost of the local treatment even after taking into account the cost of airline tickets, hotels and tourism.

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