Medical Second Opinion in Germany

Medical Second Opinion in Germany

A Medical Second Opinion is an independent assessment of medical findings, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Have you been told that you have cancer? Or do you have fertility issues? Perhaps you have serious orthopaedic issues, such as a spinal cord injury. A second opinion is an important step in confirming this diagnosis. It will you give you the confidence to decide what treatment options are best suited to your medical condition and determine which ones offer the best potential outcome. A second opinion also gives many patients hope! Hope for a better diagnosis, treatment and life. Euromedic Healthcare is here to help you find your best Medical Second Opinion.

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When is it recommended to get a Medical Second Opinion?

Medical second opinions are recommended in the following circumstances: 1) Where the first diagnosis is unclear, 2) Where the diagnosis is thought to be of a rare or serious condition, or 3) When the suggested medical treatment options are considered to be high risk. If there is ever any doubt about the first diagnosis, then a second opinion is always warranted. It is also recommended to seek out a second opinion when you want to make sure that the initially proposed treatment plan is the most appropriate and effective, or to confirm that all alternative treatment options have been explored and discussed.

Why do some patients need a Medical Second Opinion?

Some patients seek a second opinion to make sure that the first doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan was correct, and to reassure themselves that the doctor that they are working with is the right one for them. For other patients, the second opinion may give them other treatment options. Not all treatment options are available to all doctors, hospitals and clinics. Therefore, by opting for a second opinion from a specialist at a different institution, or even in a different country, may eliminate the need for expensive, unnecessary and possibly invasive procedures and therapies.

So how do I get my Medical Second Opinion?

Getting your Medical Second Opinion is in fact very straightforward, even for international patients. There is no need for expensive travel Visa’s or transport costs. Simply by sending a copy of all your relevant medical files and test results, medical specialists will professionally evaluate your documents. Each evaluation is done to a high and exacting standard, after which an official written opinion (and a possible treatment plan) is issued. Depending on your medical records, your official written Medical Second Opinion document can cost as little as EUR 350, but for more complex cases can cost up to EUR 1000.

Why get a Medical Second Opinion in Germany?

Germany is a leading industrial nation, and has some of the highest medical standards in the world, with extremely well trained doctors, excellent medical institutions and access to state of the art technology. At Euromedic Healthcare we are partnered with some of the best medical specialists and medical centres in Germany. By obtaining your Medical Second Opinion in Germany, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are fully informed about your diagnosis and the treatment options available to you. This valuable information can then assist you in making your decision on the best treatment plan available for your condition, and your future care needs.