Hip Surgery

Hip Surgery in Germany

Hip pain is one of most common orthopaedic complaints encountered today, especially by the elderly. An astounding 250,000 people are hospitalised every year for hip fracture, most of which are elderly.

Degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis leading to hip pain and fracture are not uncommon. The possibility of underlying osteoporosis also exists. A perfect destination for permanent resolution of your hip problems is getting treatment in Germany at a Euromedic Healthcare centre. It is a bridge between the ailing patients and state of the art hospitals. We offer you the best surgeons in the world, who are highly skilled experts in diagnosing and treating disorders of the hip. Let’s look at some of the procedures conducted routinely by Euromedic Healthcare surgeons.


Hip arthroscopy

Like other laparoscopy procedures, even in hip arthroscopy, an arthroscope is inserted to visualise the hip joint on a larger screen. Arthroscope is a small camera, which helps the surgeon see better images and allows them to use specialised surgical instruments. Hip arthroscopy is performed in cases of injury to the hip joint or surrounding cartilage, or other soft tissues around the hip joint. Bone spur or growth of extra bone near the socket of hip joint or femoral head, dysplasia, snapping and hip infection are other conditions that can be treated by arthroscopy. Treating patients with minimal invasion, lesser pain and faster recovery using hip arthroscopy is cutting edge treatment delivered at state of the art hospitals in the Euromedic Healthcare chain.

Hip replacement

Hip replacement is an orthopaedic surgery in which either partial or complete hip joint is replaced by an artificial plastic, metal or ceramic implant. Today, it is essential in cases such as chronic arthritic pain, fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. It also helps treat benign and malignant tumours. Relief of pain which failed to respond even to high dosage of painkillers can be achieved along with improved hip movements and a happy, independent life. The patient’s quality of life improves considerably.

Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a surgery used as an alternative to total hip replacement. Artificial metal structures are used to cover the head of femur and its cavity, so that there is minimal bone loss. Young and active patients who require total hip replacement are ideal candidates for hip resurfacing. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis affecting the hip joint, injury, fractures, in which the head of the femur bone or cup of acetabulum are damaged, can be surgically treated through hip resurfacing. After the surgery, patients enjoy more hip stability, with lesser chances of dislocation, better range of movement, and better restoration of length of legs. Since the surgeon saves bone mass, revision surgeries are possible too.

The experience of the orthopaedic surgeon is of utmost importance in successful outcomes of any orthopaedic surgery. Germany is trusted by patients all over the globe for hip joint procedures and Surgeries and the name of choice here is Euromedic Healthcare.

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