Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

From 10,000 new cases per year in 2010 to a staggering 12,500 new cases in 2030, the number of new patients with blindness is going to see a dramatic 25% spike in Germany. While mere basic healthcare services and treatments in Germany is not going to be effective in tackling the spread of eye diseases, the need of the hour is availability of skilled doctors and state-of-the-art equipment.

Eye treatment germanyBlack, blue, green or brown, eye is not only a beautiful organ but also one of the most important sensory organs of the human body. To a large extent, our interaction with the world and people around us is guided by the information we perceive with our eyes. We drive, we watch movies, and we enjoy everything from the sunset to the schweinshaxe first with our eyes. A serious eye disease can impair your everyday life. However, with a good medical care and immediate diagnosis and treatment, most eye diseases can be remedied with surgical interventions. Moreover, new and advanced remedies like stem cell therapy are showing great promise as a cure for eye diseases.

Certain common eye diseases such as retinitis pigmentosacan be attributed to genetic condition, while some others result from other illnesses. In fact, glaucoma, cataract and age-related macular degeneration are all related with ageing. One of the common eye diseases is Conjunctivitis, also called as pinkeye, which causes redness, itching, swelling and tearing. Eye Herpes is a recurring viral infection that, if left untreated, can cause severe loss of vision. Ocular hypertension, even though doesn’t come with a number of symptoms, can be easily detected in a regular eye checkup session.

While certain eye diseases such as cataracts and corneal scarring can be treated easily because of cloudy lens or cornea replacement surgeries. However, conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma do not present a very successful prognosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is very critical if these conditions present themselves to avoid irrecoverable damage to the eyes.

Glaucoma causes severe damage to the optic nerve and in turn to the field of vision. Glaucoma is said to be the leading cause for blindness in the African American population. The fact, large number of glaucoma patients are diagnosed only after their vision is severely affected. Although reducing eye pressure is very useful; it however does not curtail the progression of the disease. Age-related macular degeneration risk factors include age, high blood pressure, smoking, abnormal body mass index, excessive fat intake, family history of AMD and cholesterol. Defective retinal pigment epithelial cells cause severe damage to the photoreceptors of your eye, which leads to loss of central vision and scarring.

Stem cell therapy has shown great promise in treating AMD and Stargadt’s macular dystrophy. Although still in the nascent stages, stem cells therapy has huge potential for treating retinal diseases. The property of stem cells to protect neurons and to generate multiple cell types is immensely beneficial for retinal regeneration and repair. The results of recent clinical trials of using stem cell therapy to treat nearly-blind patients showed immensely gratifying results. A huge difference in the vision was noted which sustained for nearly five months after receiving retinal pigment epithelium cell injections that were derived from human embryonic stem cells. The stem cells needed for cell transplantation and neuroprotective strategies can be derived from the eye or from other parts of the body. Corneal stem cells refresh the outer surface of the eye and protect the cornea while retinal stem cells have the capability to make photoreceptors.

Not every eye disease requires stem cell therapy or surgery; however, the first step in ensuring perfect vision and healthy eye is regular eye testing. In addition to high-tech equipment and modern medications, early detection, testing, diagnosis, and treatment is also equally important.

Coming with sophisticated and highly-advanced equipment, EuroMedic Healthcare offers world renowned eye care services at prices that are affordable by almost everyone. In addition to using new and high-tech treatments, they also have skilled ophthalmologists who are experienced in diagnosing, treating and offering complete eye care services.

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