Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction is prevalent in a large percentage of the population – nearly 20% of all the men in all age groups and 40% of men in the above 50 age group. In one study, it was noted that more than 19% of men in the age group of 30 – 80 are affected by erectile dysfunction. However, there are a number of treatments available for erectile dysfunction in Germany. One of Europe’s leading healthcare centers in Germany, EuroMedic Healthcare has an array of specialized equipment to provide immediate and effective care to patients with erectile dysfunction (ED).

treatment for impotenceMaking Lifestyle Changes:

There are studies that indicate that is a relationship between the lifestyle and quality of life of a person and the erectile dysfunction. So, any changes to the lifestyle might impact your condition in a positive manner. The ED risk can be greatly reduced by:

  • Reducing or giving up smoking completely
  • Reducing weight
  • Decreasing the consumption of alcohol
  • Exercising
  • Staying away from illegal drugs
  • Living a stress free life

Oral Medications:

Oral medications have time and again proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. In particular, Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors such as sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil are known to be effective in improving the effects of muscle relaxing natural chemical produced by the body – nitric oxide. This chemical is known to increase the flow of blood, which helps you get an erection.

Penis Pumps:

A vacuum pump or penis pump makes use of a clear plastic tube which is then connected to a pump that can be operated by a battery or hand. Once the penis is placed in the pump, it is operated to suck out all the air from the pump, creating vacuum. This vacuum causes increased blood flow into the penis causing it to gain an erection.

Penile Implants:

This is a surgery where devices that are either semi-rigid or inflatable are placed on both the sides of the penis. The inflatable device gives you control over your erection and its duration. The semi-rigid rods implanted will remain firm but also easily bendable. This method is usually used as a last resort to treat ED.

Blood vessels Surgery:

In some rare instances, men suffer from erectile dysfunction if there is a leak or obstruction in blood vessels. This leak or obstruction can cause erectile dysfunction; and ED is treated by repairing the blood vessels.

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction:

Stem cell therapy is being touted as the next big improvement in ED treatments. Stem cells are being used to replace any damaged arteries or nerves that help penis to become erect. Synthetic stem cells are injected into affected areas of the penis where new blood vessels are produced in de-oxygenated tissues.

Penile Injections:

In case patients do not wish to undergo surgery or take oral medications, there are penile injections that are used to treat ED. Alprostadilis injected directly into the penis which is called intracavernosal injection. This usually produces an erection within a few minutes and the duration of the erection depends on the dosage.

Hormone Therapy:

Hormones are sometimes responsible for ED and when a doctor recognizes this as the cause synthetic hormones are injected to bring the normal hormones in the body to optimum levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

If ED is caused because of the low levels of testosterone hormone, then testosterone replacement is used to treat ED.

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