Autism Treatment

Autism Treatment

Autism is a spectrum neurodevelopmental condition in which people have difficulty in communicating and socializing, and follow a behavioral regimen that is limited and recurring. Moreover, while some of the afflictions associated with the disorder overlap, there are many others that vary from individual to individual. This disorder is genetic and can be detected at an early stage.

Although it is generally, a condition that one has to live with, if dealt with at an earlier stage it can be controlled and the individual may be able to live a relatively normal life. Thus, the treatment system is concentrated by different therapies that can be used to improve theirstate.

Autism germanyEducational therapies –these include different approaches to help the child be more active socially, be able to concentrate for longer periods, etc. The most common of these is ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis. This therapy simplifies and further classifies skills and concentrates on one skill at a time, while increasing the skill complexity gradually. This includes Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior Intervention, Pivotal Response Training, etc.Another therapy is TEACHH which incorporates visual aids to impart structured learning.

Other than these, there are simpler approaches to dealing with autism. There are music therapy and animal therapy that enable sensory involvement to heighten the sensitivity which might be low in many autistic children.

One of the most significant of educational therapies is occupational therapy that helps autistic people develop skill that will help them live independently.

Parents Intervention –parents can play a very active role in alleviating the situation of their kids. They have to be patient and try to communicate in the most effective way. While following basic tips such as keeping minimal visual and audio distractions, using easy language, giving the child time to absorb what you have said, etc. can be effective, there are parent support programs that enable the parents help their child in a more advanced way. There is Speech and Language Therapy, Makaton Communication Program, Picture Exchange Communication System, etc.

Psychological intervention –an autistic child is usually treated with discrimination and hence, psychological treatment is equally necessary. In this respect, there is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which acts like a catharsis for the child. Such therapies should also be conducted in close co-operation with other interventions so that a holistic treatment can be implemented.

Medicinal Intervention –while medicines cannot help combat autism directly, it can relieve some of its symptoms including depression, anxiety, ADD, OCD, epilepsy, fits, etc.

There is a lot of research going on to improve the methods of treatment of autism. However, make sure you try out techniques that have some statistical backing.

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