Aggressive Early Breast Cancer Risk rises with Age

Aggressive Early Breast Cancer Risk rises with Age

November 10, 2015

The chance of detecting early breast cancer especially a Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) increases with age. A recent study conducted in Germany showed that these cancers when found in older age groups tend to be more aggressive in nature.  The study showed that greater the age, the more aggressiveness of the type of cancer detected in females. Hence, screening at higher age group is utmost important.

Findings of the study

The study was conducted under Dr Stefanie Weigel, a Researcher at University of Hospital Muenster. She revealed that the high detection rate of DCIS in older age increases as more of these cancers are intermediate and high-grade tumors and that most of them have the potential to be dangerous, as they have transitioned to aggressive invasive forms.

DCIS or Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, is an early stage breast cancer which has high chances of being invasive. It usually arises within the milk ducts and is normally diagnosed by mammography. Treating this cancer is still controversial as few may progress, while others may remain the same for years together.

How we can help

Dr Weigel’s team went through the medical records of almost 734,000 women who were aged between 50 and 69. These females were screened in the years 2005 upto 2008 through a test called mammography which helps in detecting cancers at the preliminary stage. Expert gynecologists from the Euromedic Healthcare are trained to pick up such minute cancers from a mammogram by keeping a keen eye out for such nasty tumors.

The new finding that was derived in this study was that higher the grade, greater is the chance of the tumor being aggressive and older the age, the higher the grade of DCIS detected. It was also found that the time interval between the detection of the cancer and its invasiveness is almost around 5 years.

Thus, it is extremely important that regular breast examinations are done after the age of 40 in women, irrespective of family history or symptoms. Also, after the age of 45, regular mammograms should be done once every 2 years. Highly experienced gynecologists and oncosurgeons at our Germany based centre of Euromedic Healthcare back these suggestions wholeheartedly.

Our oncologists and surgeons believe that prevention can never replace cure. We insist that timely checkups can detect such aggressive breast cancers in time and you can opt for latest therapies to resolve the cancer or surgically remove it. With advanced blood tests and top of the line imaging devices for mammography, CT scan, PET scan, etc. Euromedic Healthcare is thoroughly equipped to take care of all your healthcare needs under one roof, at extremely affordable prices.

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