Treatments for Diabetes Type 1and 2

Treatments for Diabetes Type 1and 2

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world, thanks partly to the changing lifestyles and rapid urbanization. It is fast becoming a global hazard with nearly one in every 13 are diagnosed with diabetes in Germany. Sophisticated treatments for diabetes is available in renowned medical centers such as EuroMedic Healthcare that have expert doctors who provide specific information about diabetes and treatment options.

kids diabetes treatmentDiabetes type I is a chronic condition, also called as insulin-dependent condition, in which the body’s pancreas has the ability to produce little or almost no insulin. Insulin is essential hormones that help glucose enter cells which in turn help produce energy.

Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes:

Insulin: People suffering from Type 1 Diabetes require permanent and lifelong insulin treatment. Although immediately after the diagnosis, you will be able to control the blood sugar with little insulin; this phase is unlikely to last longer. You would require rapid acting insulin, intermediate choices or long-acting insulin options. Insulin can be administered in the form of injections and pumps. Medications: Depending on the condition of the patients, doctors prescribe certain medications such as:

  • Symlin: This drug is usually injected into the blood stream before you consume food. This slows down the food movement in the stomach, making it reduce the sudden increase in sugar levels.
  • Aspirin: Aspirin is also sometimes recommended to protect the heart of the patient.
  • Cholesterol reducing drugs: Cholesterol reducing drugs are given so that the levels of cholesterol are less than 70mg/dl if the patient has a heart condition.
  • BP Medications: Doctors might also prescribe BP medications such as ACE or ARBs to keep the kidney’s healthy.

Artificial Pancreas: One of the emerging treatments is artificial pancreas – a closed-loop delivery of insulin. An insulin pump is connected to a glucose monitor that delivers the required amount of insulin when a need is indicated. Stem Cell Transplant:A small group of people diagnosed with diabetes were given stem cell transplant which helped them stop insulin injections for about five years. Although the treatment is risky, it is still being touted as one of the major breakthroughs in the field of diabetes treatment. Diabetes type II is a common type of diabetes which occurs when the body does not make enough insulin or when the body develops resistance to insulin.

Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Insulin Therapy: Although not previously prescribed to treat Type 2 Diabetes, these days doctors prescribe a combination of insulin types to be used in the morning and night. Some of the options include insulin glulisine, insulin aspart, insulin detemir, insulinisophane and insulin lispro.
  • Medications: In addition to physical activity, medications also help keep blood sugar in control. Metformin is prescribed since it improves the sensitivity of tissues to use insulin effectively. Meglitinidesincrease the body’s ability to produce more insulin; however, the insulin doesn’t stay for long. DPP-4 inhibitors have a modest effect on blood sugar reduction without causing weight gain. SGL T2 inhibitors work by stopping the kidneys from taking back or reabsorbing sugar back into the blood.
  • Bariatric Surgery:If you have Type 2 Diabetes and BMI of 35, a bariatric surgery might be recommended. The blood sugar levels of the patient might return to optimal for 55 – 95% of people undergoing this surgery.

With more 6 million people suffering from diabetes in Germany, the need for fast and effective treatment cannot be understated.

The specialized team of euromedic healthcare can advise you and help you to cure your diabetes successfully. The first step is to send us your medical reports and to fill in the contact form. We will start immediately with the professional evaluation of your documents.

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