Cardiac stem cells

Stem cell treatment of cardiac diseases

At Euromedic healthcare we are combining technology with healthcare to revolutionize the concept of death forever. The science of medicine is advancing at great speed to conquer death by curing one of the most fatal medical conditions, the heart attack. Skilled doctors at our medical centers are providing revolutionary stem cell therapies to patients who may benefit from this boon to mankind.

Treatment in cardiac diseases

cardiac stem cells germanyThe heart is the most important organ of the body as it receives deoxygenated blood and pumps out oxygenated blood. This oxygenated blood is supplied to the entire body for optimal functioning.  If the heart is diseased, the portion of the heart that is affected stops receiving vital nutrients and oxygenated blood and eventually, that part of the heart stops functioning completely. This is extremely detrimental for the body and may even prove fatal.  Thus, if a person gets a heart attack he is put on a lifetime of medications for maintenance therapy to prevent another heart attack and treatment to prevent further damage to the heart.  At Euromedic Healthcare we provide stem cell treatment to permanently relieve you and your loved ones of the burden of cardiac disorders like heart attacks.  We aim to provide you the best therapies based on this path breaking discovery in the field of healthcare.

Stem cells in heart disease

Stem cells are tiny cells obtained from the human body that have the potential to grow and repair just about any tissue in the body. They are capable of dividing and renewing themselves even after long periods of dormancy. They are unspecialized, rudimentary, life-giving cells that are the seeds of growth of all other cells and tissues of the human body. They do not have a specific and set function like other programmed cells of our bodies and can give rise to specialized cell types which is what makes them extremely useful in the treatment of various diseases. A stem cell has the potential to grow into a variety of heart cells and thus it can be used to repair and regenerate the damaged heart tissue.

Latest research conducted by scientists at various medical centers treated 17 heart attack patients with infusion of stem cells taken from their own heart. The results were astonishing. The scientists found 50% shrinkage in the damaged cardiac tissue after a year of the procedure. This is great news for all those who have suffered from a heart attack before or are on medications to prevent it.

Stem cell transplant cannot only be opted for the treatment of cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma but also for cardiac diseases. It is a big challenge and we at Euromedic Healthcare are already championing this technology with our team of skilled and highly experienced physicians and surgeons. You may now opt for a stem cell treatment and literally get back the lost portion of your precious heart. With a wholly functioning heart, beating at its best, you can live your life carefree, to the fullest!

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