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The Euro-Medic team is made up of qualified and experienced Academics together in the fields of medicine, industry and tourism. The Euro-Medic staff members are skilled in different languages, such as Arabic, German, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Spain, Hebrew and Italian. Our cooperation with well-known health institutions based on long studies and specific advice from experienced and specialized physicians.

We offer the following services for the patient’s comfort:

  • The receipt of the patient report from the patient and his transfer to specialist physicians.
  • Booking of accommodation (including hotel room or apartment) for the patients and their companions.
  • Airport Pickup
  • Personal support.
  • On request we can reserve a rental car.
  • A money transfer service that transfers the corresponding relieved.
  • Fast, precise contact with the best Travel Agency
  • Writing a final, more precise and descriptive summary on the previous treatment of the patient
  • Organizing day trips and tourist activities for the patient and his companion
  • Procurement of medical equipment
  • Baggage Service
  • In addition, the members of the Euro-Medic are willing to arrange meetings with patients according to the patients’ wishes.

Our plus for you:

  • Top Service
  • Excellent quality
  • Professional Team
  • Cost savings compared with your Country
  • No or shorter waiting times
  • Recreation & holidays included
  • Selected physicians specializing

Modern hospitals at the highest level

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